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Q: The registration code did not work. I enter the information as directed and the program still does not recognize it as being registered. Any suggestions?

A: Please use copy and paste to avoid mistype. Also please make sure you are entering the correct code, do not use Fresh Download in Fresh Diagnose or Fresh UI and vice versa. If you scroll down the "download receipt" message, you will see four different codes.


Q: When I start your software I get a pop up that says I'm past my trial. I went and got a registration code but the pop up comes up with your software and won't let me do anything. How do I enter the registration code?

A: Please wait until the countdown button in that nag screen can be accessed (few seconds or minutes) then you can go to the registration dialog box and enter your registration code.


Q: Why Fresh Download is not automatically activated and take over the download operation when I click a URL contains a file in my browser?

A: First, make sure you have uninstalled all download manager applications installed before Fresh Download.

  • After installation completed, restart your computer, and then run Fresh Download.

  • When a window pops up on the screen asking you "Would you like to make Fresh Download as your default download manager?", click Yes.

  • Go to View > Fresh Download Options menu, click Integration tab, and then make sure the "Integrate into Internet Explorer (and or Netscape Communicator/Opera)" options has been checked/selected, if so click OK.

  • Exit from Fresh Download and then restart your computer.

  • Try to test downloading any files from your browser.

If you use Internet Explorer 6.0, please also make sure the third party browser extensions in IE 6.0 settings has been enabled. To enable it, go to IE Tools-Internet Options-Advanced-Browsing and make sure the "Enable third party browser extensions (requires restart)" has been checked and then restart your Windows.


Q: I want to use Fresh Download with my Phoenix browser or Mozilla Firebird. How can I integrate it?

A: Copy & paste file named "fdplugin.dll" in Fresh Download folder as "npfd.dll" into: X:\Phoenix\plugins\
Read more here
You can also apply this in other mozilla based browser.


Q: Even though it is uninstalled and I have attempted to delete any relating entries in the registry, I get a message, Fresh Download cannot take over this download. How could I solved it?

A: We have put "FD.exe /u" command line in the installer to unregister all DLL files that probably registered into your system.

If this failed and Fresh Download plug-in still in the Netscape/ Mozilla/Opera plug-in folder, then try to delete npfd.dll or fdplugin.dll file from that folder.

Or if there is problem with IE integration, type this on your run menu:
regsvr32 /u "C:\Program Files\FreshDevices\FreshDownload\FDcatch.dll"

Restart your computer, and then delete all files in Fresh Download folder. Fresh Download only keeps its files in that folder.


Q: When I install the new version of Fresh Download the following error message displayed: "COULD NOT REPLACE FILE FD.EXE , ERROR 5"

A: Close the old FD before installing the new version. Probably you run it in the background (look into your systray). This also solves the same problem with other FreshDevices software.


Q: I have done everything you say in the FAQs but I still get the IE dialog and FD only comes up intermittently. The settings I set won't stay enabled in options and I keep getting told to restart the browser. How to solved it?

A: Try to use Method2 of Integration, this method will work with IE based browser. But make sure you have deactivate "Replace IE dialog" option.


Q: When I want to download it "Initializes" and then hangs on, then runs through the 5 redials until it fails. It's as if It can't either get access, or cant access. I have uninstalled, and then reinstalled Fresh Download. I have turned off firewall, but to no avail.

A: If this problem happened in all url and server then it means there is a problem with your system. Make sure you have given permission to "fdgo.exe" file to access Internet in your firewall settings. And if you use proxy server connection, make sure you have set it in Fresh Download Options, like you set it in your browser.


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